Do we have enough people willing to bridge the divide?

Earlier today, President Biden called on all Americans to recognize the divides that separate our country, to look across them, and extend a hand to bridge the gaps. That only works if a majority of Americans follow his lead.

Can enough Americans look across the divide?

No matter who you voted for, take another look at today’s speech and let me know if you think enough Americans are willing to reach across the divide.


If you are still reading and interested to know, here is how I would answer:

Our path toward reconciliation, rebuilding, and renewal require that we recognize the cultural, economic, and political divides that weaken our country. Mending the gap, a skill too long lost in American civil discourse, will only be successful if we demand that it becomes a priority shared by those elected to represent us.

Progress on the defining crises of our time — pandemic response and recovery, climate change, health care, immigration, and gun safety — has been held hostage by a cynical political industry for decades.

That could stop now.

By leading the conversation at the local level, across America, citizens can turn the tide — raising expectations of public discourse, public service, and progress on the critical issues divisive politics have left behind — — JK



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Joseph Kopser

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