In one of the more bizarre moments during the election security debate currently underway in Texas, Governor Abbott said that Texas business interests ‘need to stay out of politics.’ Seriously? Senator Mitch McConnell said the same thing to business leaders last week. “Stay out of politics.” What? They are all too ready to take their donations but when they have an opinion that reflects the majority of Americans, they suddenly want them to sit quiet and color. Don’t get me wrong, both parties take their donations then often times tell them to be quiet.

I’ll remind the Governor that Texas…

Earlier today, President Biden called on all Americans to recognize the divides that separate our country, to look across them, and extend a hand to bridge the gaps. That only works if a majority of Americans follow his lead.

Can enough Americans look across the divide?

No matter who you voted for, take another look at today’s speech and let me know if you think enough Americans are willing to reach across the divide.


If you are still reading and interested to know, here is how I would answer:

Our path toward reconciliation, rebuilding, and renewal require that…

Here is a link to the entire speech. It’s good for your soul (and returns us to an important perspective) in turbulent times.

A little background on why I recommend that you listen to the entire speech again:

Although we are currently presented with the greatest challenge our democracy has faced in generations, from a political, economic and cultural standpoint, the division we see in America today is not unprecedented. …

As a student of history, I rely on the fact that people throughout time took the effort to write down what was happening as events unfolded. During COVID, I decided that I would “Journal” but with friends and colleagues I admire through a series of daily video Zoom-Facebook Live interviews. It allows me to remember the day, learn something new from my guest, as well as hopefully share something that others can build on.

It should be remembered that there are three tiers of focus during this crisis. First, are the sick and those frontline caregivers that are working to…

Today, I joined a petition to encourage people to say home. After you read it, I hope you join us too. Here is the letter:

This is what you see when you Goggle “Coronavirus Tips

We know this is a lot to ask. We all know we have a lot to lose.

Today, Austin Mayor Steve Adler and other community leaders announced new rules to combat COVID-19 in Central Texas. We support these measures and will each work within our respective capacities to reinforce them.

Central Texas has always been a great place to hang your hat.

Great music, cheap tex-mex, cold beer, and colder, clean water made us…

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If you live in a Super Tuesday state, I hope each and every one of you either got your primary vote in early or you stood proudly in line yesterday. November looms large in our country and heavy turnout across the nation on Super Tuesday indicated that Americans are taking it as seriously as it should be.

As part of a continuing project of Build Your Roadmap: Getting from your here to your there, in this post, I exam the importance of civic participation and how it drives me.


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If you agree with me about how Mary Kirlin’s list of civic skills that foster civic engagement (communication, collective decision making, critical thinking and organization) intersect powerfully with the Army’s list of assessed traits (communication, decision making, motivating, planning and executing) on its Officer Evaluation Report…

And agree that those both correlate strongly with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) list of necessary skills for today’s workforce (critical thinking/problem solving, oral/written communications, teamwork/collaboration, digital technology, leadership, professionalism/work ethic, career management, and global/intercultural fluency)…

…Then you’ll likely be the…

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It turns out that business leadership, civic leadership, and military leadership rely on similar sets of skills. I’ve discovered this myself over the years — so it’s good to see it in the published literature, too. But I think regardless of the sector you work in, there is a real need to see and build on what they have in common. Bottomline up front, effective communication and critical thinking skills turn out to be the most important. (But don’t forget about character).

As part of my larger project of helping…

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The coronavirus (recently given a real name, COVID-19) has thrown the world into disarray. China has borne the brunt, of course. But COVID-19 has also caused concern globally as it has spread to other countries. The disease hasn’t only affected health, but economies, too. With Chinese workers forced to stay home, production has suffered. That’s already affecting global supply chains and markets, and will likely continue to disrupt them.

The future will show us the extent Americans feel the effects of COVID-19. For now, though, the disease reminds me about…

Both Sides of the Aisle Outdid Themselves This Week. We Must Expect Better.

When I launched the nonpartisan, nonprofit USTomorrow several months ago, I knew our mission to reduce hyper-partisan influence would be ill-received by the far ends of the political spectrum. The people and pieces of the political machine that deliver stalemate, division, and theatrics are simply too powerful and lucrative to move aside peacefully.

I also had a hunch that America’s current political landscape would provide consistent and sustained material that would stand in contrast with our efforts toward common ground.

But I had no idea we’d be…

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